OZOPROP is an online Real Estate Social Selling Platform that enables customers to purchase their dream home both from primary(developer) market or secondary(re-sale) market.

Under this platform the home buyer is invited by their friends and relatives so that they can experience our unique platform to get the best deal.

Ozoprop is a social selling platform that enables Insurance Agents, Travel Agents, Stock Broker, Graduates, Housewives, Retired People, Doctors, Engineers, Professionals, Lawyers, Chartered Accountants, Wealth Managers, Architects, Interior Designers, other agents to generate alternate source of income by inviting home buyers

Ozoprop is an excellent business opportunity for Real Estate agents and property consultants to expand Real Estate business.


  1. Real Estate Referral Marketing[Offline]

  2. Sold 100 Apartments

  3. Sold 400 Apartments

  4. MVP

  5. Supply Management System

  6. Demand Management System

  7. Transaction Management System

  8. Headquarters in Bangalore

  9. Ozoprop Real Estate Social Selling Platform

  10. Partner's App Live

  11. 100 Projects Onboarded

  12. Partner App 3.0

    Ozo Social Feature
  13. Angel Round Investment

    Ankit Jain - BOD
  14. Ozoprop Team - 50

    Ozoprop Partner - 5000


Our Mission Is To Empower Real Estate Agents And Enable Social Community To Earn From Real Estate Space.


Our Vision Is To Be World's Largest Real Estate Selling Organization.


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