Swiping Your Credit Card Just Takes Seconds. Know What You Are Risking First !!

Wouldn’t you buy that branded dress you recently admired if all that you had to do was to swipe a card?

What would you do if you had an option of buying that branded dress you just admired at the showroom the other day, just by swiping a card? Sounds interesting? Maybe yes. But nothing comes for free in this world, and obviously not the things you desire to have. This is a fast moving world we live in. For once, can we take a break from this fast moving life and think about the cons and dangers that we put ourselves in, because of these transactions. Basically here we can say that our so called “best friends in need” or credit cards come into the picture.

Why do people warn you to use your credit card wisely? Firstly, it hypes up your budget. Secondly, there is a limit for your credit card expenses, following which you get your credit card bills every month. In case you fail to repay this extra amount that you spent using your credit card, you would be charged interest. Also, these days, companies have policies before hiring employees and one such condition is to check your credit score. They might actually not hire you if your background with respect to repaying credit card interests. Another valid point to be kept in mind is, as we know credit cards do not allow you to manipulate your savings well. Furthermore, online frauds and credit card frauds are on the rise these days. We keep receiving alerts even on our phones to not reveal any information regarding credit cards to anyone. Yet, some people become victims of credit card frauds. In such cases, your credit card might be stolen manually, or people might get your credit card number from places you swiped it, and they can misuse your credit card. To add more to it, in case a person doesn’t pay off his credit card bills without caring to pay them off, he might need to go to the extent of declaring bankruptcy where he will lose everything.

Well, there is always a way out. Stop swiping and start thinking. Isn’t it better to have enough and more finance for yourself to buy all you need without getting into the credit card issues. But your current career may not reward you enough. A wise way would be to look for ways to earn additional income. With everything available on the internet now, find yourself a simple & reliable platform to earn from at your convenience. There are many options from tutoring online for skills that you possess to promoting some products through social platforms.

One such is Ozoprop, a social real estate selling platform where anyone can become a partner to earn additional income. Once registered all that a partner needs to do is invite homebuyers by registering them as leads. Ozoprop serves them & once a lead completes the purchase the partner earns handsome rewards. It thereby enables a partner to earn at their convenience that is part time(for housewives, retired persons, 9 to 5 workers etc),full time(real estate brokers, insurance agents etc) or any time (students, professionals & others).

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