Pay Off Your Education Loans Before Your Career

Education is the basic instruction that is imbibed in every child for them to face this challenging world. But the question is if the current education system imbibes the required skills to prepare to face our ever-changing world. To understand that lets take the current education system for review. If we were to map its origins, the system was formulated in the 1900s during the industrial revolution & was spread to all the countries including ours through systems like Montessori & Convents. On trying to understand the content & its relevance we can clearly see that it works on linearity, conformity & batching people. So it’s necessary for us to self learn. There are so many top universities like MIT, Harvard etc are offering their day scholar courses online. Not just that platforms like edX, Udemy, Udacity etc are offering certified courses that companies like Google accept.

The current education system is not professed for the sake of teaching but only on a business perspective. The number of institutes that have a scholarship program is few but most have tie ups with banks to get students educational loans. The intention may seem noble but the reality is far from it. These students may not have an idea of the relevance of the courses in the market. It’s all a game where only the institutes & the banks are making money while the students are given a meager period of 1 year before which they need to start paying off with interest from the approval of the loan. There are various consequences students may face in paying off their educational loans. From being a bright student & having been placed but not received the call letter for months or a student with typical academic performance who may not land a job for a long time. But we cannot boycott education due to these issues or depend completely on informal education. All that a student gets after their long years of their education is a piece of paper which says they have a degree but not the skill set to land a job. The question remains how they will repay their education loans. The recovery is ensured by banks by using all means of force which leads to undesirable circumstances. So it’s important that they start to pay off as they study.

A way to solve this dilemma is for students to consider earning during their course time itself. That is too say in a simple & unobtrusive way where they can just choose a platform that provides the flexibility to work anytime in a simple way. In this information age where the internet & Smartphone penetration has enabled anyone to use the digital services. They need to monetize on the various available platforms that can help them earn additional income. One such is Ozoprop, a social real estate selling platform where anyone can become a partner to earn additional income. Once registered all that a partner needs to do is invite homebuyers by registering them as leads. Ozoprop serves them & once a lead completes the purchase the partner earns handsome rewards. It thereby enables a partner to earn at their convenience that is part time(for housewives, retired persons, 9 to 5 workers etc), full time(real estate brokers, insurance agents etc) or any time (students, professionals & others).

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