Q. What does Freedom mean?

The definition of Freedom is: - The power to act, speak and think freely.

Q. What is Financial Freedom?

It is the ability to change careers, start a business, take some time off or travel the world without relying on a pay check.

Q. Are we really Independent today?

As India enters the 70th year of Independence, we see a great zeal running across the nation, evoking the thoughts of freedom and the pride of being an Indian. We are sure to see the ‘Happy Independence Day’ hashtags and pictures trending on Twitter, Facebook, TV channels and WhatsApp immersed in numerous deshbhakti songs to celebrate independence - yes freedom that we had got 69 years back from the British rule.

Even after 69 years of achieving freedom, we are not still Financially Independent. Let’s have a look on different sections of the society.

Student – Most of the student in the country gets qualification but not the skill set to start earning. They get education loan and degree but not the job they deserve because of the educational system in the country and the institutions running like business houses.

Housewife – Most of the women are financially dependent on their husband.

Youth –Youth of our country live life like a machine to pay their EMI.

Retired Person– Most of the Retired Person are financially dependent on their children.

An OZOPROP Initiative for Financial Freedom

OZOPROP India’s First Earning Opportunity Platform for all sections (Student, Housewife, Youth, Retired person) of the Society to achieve Financial Freedom.