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Indian Real estate industry has seen great heights till 2007, then it was hit hard during global recession & now it is progressing on a steady growth. It employs the highest work force in India & when we ask people of who are they all? The answer would be civil engineers, architects, masons, plumbers & so on. But we need to understand that these are not the only people employed by the industry. They are involved directly for construction aspects while there is a large part of the work force involved in other activities like sales, marketing, management, administration & more. However an important & unnamed sector of people which is often overlooked are the real estate agents. A typical agent has no office; he may multitask by operating a simple store as he works on closing deals. We have previously discussed on the various challenges faced by agents on a day to day basis. Let's now understand how Ozoprop - India's first real estate social selling platform addresses & solves them.

Ozoprop is RERA registered for you

Now that the RERA Act has been implemented it is mandatory for all real estate agents & brokers to get registered and follow its guidelines. But that costs money and is hard to follow. Well, agents & brokers need not worry about that anymore because Ozoprop is registered with RERA. Once they become an Ozoprop partner, they can go about their work as usual with the convenience of managing their leads in their phones.

Ozoprop generates Leads for you

With everything being online nowadays, everyone is exchanging information through social networks like Whatsapp, Facebook and more for getting jobs to even buying homes. So it's necessary for the brokers to go online and use social platforms effectively to get more leads. But not all agents are tech savvy to know how to use these platforms in a commercial manner. So, Ozoprop does that for them through the Ozo Social feature. They can use their social media accounts to share their profile & expertise, highlight specific projects & posts about offers running from Ozoprop. Thereby it reaches much more people through which more leads are generated.

We serve the customer & you earn the rewards

The most valuable resource in real estate is a lead. They bring the demand thereby need to be provided with the best of service. But that service is lacking due to mismanagement, inadequate, & more thereby most leads become unused or wasted. Hence a simple, enhanced & dependable service needs to be provided to the leads which the agents or brokers may not be able to deliver.

We help you build a network to mutually benefit

Agent & brokers may get leads from home buyers by directly approaching them, but that's not their only source of leads. A lot of their leads are also from referrals from other brokers which may be due to, others not being able to give a suitable option to buyer. Hence there is a need for agents to mutually benefit which is enabled by building a community in Ozoprop.

Ozoprop is associated with top developers

Agents & brokers are usually associated with builders, developers that they come across. However, their clients may need more options and when not provided the agent may lose the lead. Ozoprop solves that by being associated with top developers & continuing to add more to cater to every type of home buyer.

Ozoprop ensures faithful & diligent disbursal of rewards

It's a reasonable expectation for an agent or broker to receive their commission once a sale of the property is done. But that 's not the reality as an Agent or broker spends a lot of time & energy to receive the commission they deserve. The Ozoprop platform ensures a transparent system for a partner to track a lead’s activities & timely disbursal of rewards. Thereby the whole experience of the activities carried out by a real estate agent or broker is digitized in an advanced technology app solution. So become a partner today to simplify the work & maximize your earning potential.

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