Learn To Explore Ozo-Social In Ozoprop Partner App

OZOPROP is India's First Real Estate Social Selling Platform where Ozo Social is the feature that empowers you (partners) to generate tons of leads in the Ozoprop Partner’s app through your social networks such as Facebook, Whatsapp, and LinkedIn etc. It enables you to share details of your profile, specific projects & posts in a simple yet professional manner.

To get started, ensure you have an active plan running in the Partner App.

Click on the Ozo social button on the homepage.

You will see options such as Add Project, My Projects, Ozo-Post, My Profile, My Leads & more.

This is the Ozo Social Dash Board.

The different features that you see are explained below:

Share your Profile

To start with,

  1. click on the My Profile option.
  2. In this section you will see your details split in two as About Me & My Profile
  3. In the About Me section that appears by default, fill any details that are empty & update any details that needs to be changed.
  4. Next click on My Profile Option. In the basic information section, ensure all the details are correct & make any changes by clicking on the About Me section. Please note that you cannot change the registered phone number..
  5. Next input the details in the My profile section on what properties & where can you provide good services to interested home buyers. Now the My profile section is complete. You can share your profile with your compulsory referral code in your different social media accounts through the Apps in your phone..

Share your Projects

If you want to share details of any specific project to your social connections,

  1. First go to the projects section & find the project required
  2. Select the Add project option & it will appear in the My Projects section
  3. Now you canchoose the project & click on theshare option.
  4. You can share the project details with your compulsory referral code, in your different Social Media Accounts through the Apps in your phone.

Ozo Post

The Ozo Post is a very important & helpful section that helps you to share professional & marketing material created by Ozoprop team & it is divided in to Videos, Photos & Content. Each of them contain material which are related to projects, motivational, inspirational & convincing posts that will help you market the service effectively.

Choose any of the Video, Photo or the Content & click on the share option . You can share with your compulsory referral code in your different social media accounts through the apps in your phone.

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