Thinking of applying for a Loan? Read this first!

We always aspire to buy the latest Smartphone or snazzy new car. With most of us earning a fixed salary, to purchase them in our surplus income even in a few months is far from practical. The need to stay socially relevant has made buying them not an option. The most convenient way to purchase them has been through a credit line. Be that by a credit card which is easily approved nowadays or by means of an EMI that is provided by submitting your bank statement & other docs. The new trend now by e commerce companies & other finance firms is to provide these EMI’s with just debit card information of a buyer. On viewing these options the consumers are easily drawn to buy more & more through credit on things not relevant or viable for their spending power.

While the new product may give them an instant gratification, the after effects such as EMI payments, missing an EMI & its effect on their credit score is substantial for a long time. The paranoia that many experience just before their payment dates & the struggles they go through to arrange money from taking more credit from unauthorized sources to not being able to meet their basic needs making their life miserable. It’s just like any bad habit that one would try, then get addicted & finally suffer various consequences that affects not just them but their family & the people around. It is always necessary to understand that a loan is a contract that will many repercussions if for any reason we are unable to pay it off. While we may not know our fortunes tomorrow it is necessary to have some insight before applying for a loan.

You may know many monetarily strong individuals, families & professionals who can easily apply for loans amounting to tens of lakhs & have it approved but see them buy things like a budget phone or a small car in full. They stick to paying in full because we are not just paying interest in the loans but our time to have them processed, our mental state to have them paid & our energy to only realize what a mistake it is to depend on credit.

There has to be a better way to not get trapped in the credit pit but also fulfill our aspirations.

Well there is! Ozoprop is a social real estate selling platform where anyone can become a partner to earn additional income. Once registered all that a partner needs to do is invite homebuyers by registering them as leads. Ozoprop serves them & once a lead completes the purchase the partner earns handsome rewards. It thereby enables a partner to earn at their convenience that is part time(for housewives, retired persons, 9 to 5 workers etc), full time(real estate brokers, insurance agents etc) or any time (students, professionals & others).

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