Social Selling - The Next Big Online Revolution

We are all aware how effective word of mouth marketing is. Anyone who is looking to buy a product or taking a service would usually ask their family, friends & others they know for the best choice. Thereby the review received affects their decision & that is the way word of mouth marketing works. It then evolved in to what is known as referral marketing where the seller is introduced to a customer by someone whom the customer trusts.This individual who introduces the customer is the middleman who is known as the referrer. This individual earns what is known as a commission for connecting them. Thereby the world of marketing keeps evolving to the cultural & technological changes.

Today more than half of the people in the world are online. The impact of the internet is such that it influences their spending decisions & habits. One such part of the internet on which people spend most of their time & get influenced the most is social media. It's impact is so great that the number of users in Facebook has made it the third largest unofficial country & the content shared can affect the elections of big countries. So has Whatsapp, an indispensable messaging app used to share anything important & humorous. And just like how every platform is eventually used for advertising by companies, so have the social media platforms.

The next generation of marketing that has the highest impact in terms of sales with substantially low cost is Social Selling. It is not to be mistaken for Social media marketing where brands advertise the latest products in all platforms of social media platforms. Instead it is a form of referral marketing where the salespeople first use their own connections to target prospects through social media. They share content that is relevant to each connection & close the deal. It has been surveyed that salespeople who use social media to promote their company products personally to their social connections have achieved an average of 15 to 25 percent more than their colleagues who didn't.

A prominent form of social selling is gaining more traction which will revolutionize sales to enable anyone to become a part of the brand & have them sell the product through their social connections. The platforms created enable easy integration with popular apps like Whatsapp where all that a person needs to do is click on share, select the contacts & send. All the stages of a sale is made clearly visible to monitor by anyone with no standard education. This model also reduces the stress of buying & holding product stock or supply as they provide a channel to take care of all the services & have the partners only get them leads that will purchase the product or service. Hence anyone with a Smartphone can join any of the social selling platforms operating mostly in the ecommerce sector & earn at their convenience.

One such platform is Ozoprop . India's first real estate social selling platform where anyone can become a partner to earn additional income. Once registered all that a partner needs to do is invite homebuyers by registering them as leads. Ozoprop serves them & once a lead completes the purchase the partner earns handsome rewards. It thereby enables a partner to earn at their convenience that is part time(for housewives, retired persons, 9 to 5 workers etc), full time(real estate brokers, insurance agents etc) or any time (students, professionals & others).

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