Is OZOPROP a transaction services company or a Lead generation platform?

OZOPROP is an online real estate transaction services company.

What do I need to do to sell my project/property on OZOPROP ?

• Connect with our relationship manager to complete the channel partner empanelment process.
• Login to your OZOPROP account to complete the project registration.

When my property details will be visible to OZOPROP buyer?

A property registration usually takes maximum of 24 working hours to get screened/verified and become visible to OZOPROP buyer and OZOPROP partner. Once your property is screened, it will automatically be visible on the buyer and partner app.

For how long will my property be live on OZOPROP platform?

Property will be live on OZOPROP platform till the time the property is completely sold out or any of the party agrees to discontinue the association.

Where Can I report about wrong property information posted in ozoprop?

We have a report option available with each property registration page on OZOPROP. Click on report for any inaccuracies in the property registration.

How can I view the site visit responses received for my property registered?

• Login to your OZOPROP account.
• Click on site visit under manage sales.
• You can view the list of site visit responses received.
• You can interact with the OZOPROP customer interested for a site visit.